Monday, May 21, 2012

A Taste of Music City: Anderson Design Group

© 2012 Anderson Design Group, Inc. Used by permission.

The Setting: A small but comfy Dallas apartment, our home for the next six weeks.

The Soundtrack: The...are you ready for this?...DISHWASHER! Yes, we are getting spoiled this summer.

Steaming up the Oven: Nada...but we're trying out a local burger joint tonight, which should be tasty.

The Scenario: I mentioned in my last post that when I passed through Nashville last week I popped into the Anderson Design Group Studio Store, the brick-and-mortar extension of one the items on my favorites list. They gave me one of their 2012 "A Taste of Music City" calendars, and in exchange, I am telling the world--well, as many folks as I can--about my stalker-like obsession with their incredible, vintage-inspired designs.

Walking distance from the Parthenon, Anderson Design Group's small, in-studio shop is a must-stop for any die-hard Nashvillian or visiting sightseer looking for a souvenir with higher standards than your standard shot glass.

Of course, you don't have to be in, or even into, Nashville to appreciate their work.

Their collections (all available online) include Art and Soul of America, featuring nostalgic Americana, from iconic cities to beloved national parks and landmarks;

© 2012 Anderson Design Group, Inc. Used by permission.

Cicada Invasion, featuring humorous prints and "survival gear" commemorating last year's surfacing of the cicadas;

© 2012 Anderson Design Group, Inc. Used by permission.

Vintage Ad Follies, featuring fictional vendors of yesteryear; and more.

© 2012 Anderson Design Group, Inc. Used by permission.

But if you would like a little taste of Music City, the Spirit of Nashville collection will certainly get your tummy rumbling.

© 2012 Anderson Design Group, Inc. Used by permission.

I sometimes joke with Hoosband that wherever we land someday, I'd like to have a house with a huge "Nashville" room, just so I can line its walls with all my favorite prints--I think he knows I'm not really kidding.

For now, however, I can hang my new "Taste of Music City" calendar in my next few temporary destinations and have a little taste of home to tide me over.

Each month's art in this food-themed calendar showcases one of Nashville's unique culinary treasures.

© 2012 Anderson Design Group, Inc. Used by permission.

Restaurants and local artisans featured include The Wine Shoppe at Green Hills, Olive and Sinclair Chocolates, The Pancake Pantry, Arnold's Country Kitchen, The Peanut Shop, Bobbie's Dairy Dip, Hog Heaven, The Cupcake Collection, The Loveless Cafe, Mas Tacos Por Favor, Swett's, Fido, and (one of my all-time favorites!) Fox's Donut Den.

© 2012 Anderson Design Group, Inc. Used by permission.

Now, I know it seems a little strange to get all hyped up about a calendar in the middle of May, but this one contains 13 11-by-14-inch ready-to-frame prints for only $24.99 (most of the full-sized prints go for $39 a piece).

And yes, I did say 13, not 12; January 2013 comes along for the yummy ride. Of course, you could count the cover art, and then you'd be up to 14.

The calendar also comes with recipe cards from eight of the featured artisans and establishments, including an apple crumb pie from the legendary Loveless Cafe.

© 2012 Anderson Design Group, Inc. Used by permission.

I'd call that a deal, but I'd love to know what you think.

Which collection do you dig the most?

If you are into the Anderson Design Group prints as much as I am, let me know, and perhaps a giveaway will be in the future.

Thanks for reading! Here's to Being the Secret Ingredient in your life.

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