Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Getting the Word out for a Friend...

Okay, this is admittedly more of an advertisement than an actual blog post, but I just wanted to do my part to make sure the word gets out there about a fundraiser my friend Brittney is having TODAY for one of her friends from college.

Brittney's friend is having a brain tumor removed at MD Anderson tomorrow. The woman with the brain tumor is in her twenties and has a seven-month-old baby that she will have to be away from for a month or so while she is in surgery and recovery.

Brittney sells Thirty-One organizational bags and gear, and she is donating 100% of her commissions from today's sales to help cover her friend's medical bills, travel expenses, etc. The fundraiser has actually been going on for a couple of weeks (and I keep adding things to my purchase, which is totally going to get me in trouble with Hoosband), but today is the last day.

If you have had your eye on any Thrity-One products, or are at all into organizing, shopping, or good causes, I encourage you to check out Brittney's fundraiser today. Just go to, then "My Parties" and then "Shana Fundraiser" to shop. The stuff is really cute, and almost all of it can be custom-embroidered as well.

More actual posts coming soon!

Thanks for reading! Here's to Being the Secret Ingredient in your life.

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